Jason Hurst
Weekdays 5p - 10p

I grew up in right in the center of California in the city of Fresno.  Because of its location, I was able to make many day trips to a lot of great spots!  The mountains, the beach, L.A., and San Francisco were just a few hours away at most.  Those trips created a lot of fond family memories for me.  Who knows?  Maybe one day I'll have a wife and family of my own to create more memories.  But if not, that's ok too.  I kind of like being single!  I've got a lot to keep me busy.  I'm an avid runner, a snow skier, a beach bum, and a concert goer.  These are great activities that can be shared with my diverse group of friends.  Speaking of diversity, I like all kinds of music... anything from British Pop to Country, and since music is so influential, it helps keep me connected to all of my friends of all walks of life!


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